Fiberglass pool in backyard (Minnesota)

Fiberglass Pools

Create your own unique celebration. There’s no better place for a gathering of friends than right there in your own neighborhood. For a party of one or many, enjoy and celebrate life!

Fiberglass pools give you the ability to sculpt a unique backyard environment. 

Fiberglass pools have been around since the 1950's. The concept was actually taken from the idea of a fiberglass boat. Just like a high-quality fiberglass boat, a fiberglass pool generally has no lifetime limit. The first fiberglass pool ever constructed still exists today. The fact that it can survive for so long is just one of the benefits of owning one. Just remember, the lifetime of the pool also depends on the diligence of the owners. If it is cared for properly it can last a lifetime.

One of the main differences between fiberglass and other types is that a fiberglass pool is actually built entirely at the factory, not at the actual construction site. It arrives at the owner's home completely ready to be put straight into the ground. 

At that point, it simply needs to be plumbed, leveled and then the decking or patio needs to be installed. This means that a fiberglass pool can be installed in a very short time frame, while other types of pools take longer to install.

You may be thinking that less on-site construction time means less expense. A fiberglass pool tends to be more expensive than vinyl lined swimming pools initially. However, the good news is that a fiberglass pool can save you money in the long run.

  A fiberglass pool with slide in MN

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